Dear Ruth,

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Best regards Paolo Samogin


Treviso, Italy


21st of October, 2015

I am being tortured with a terrible device called LRAD Long Range Acoustic Device for more than 5 years and a half by one of my neighbours.

It is a special loudspeaker designed to communicate over long distances, but it is also an acoustic weapon. The torture did not stop and it is continuing. Almost every night and also during the afternoon, this guy doesn't let me sleep by sending audible sounds into my house, such as door bells, car horns, scratching doors, etc. and also most painful infrasounds which the body perceives as vibrations in the nose and in the throat and spasms in the bowel.

It is not easy for me to prove this as it is impossible to record the sounds with a common microphone, as they built up in my inner ear. This is well explained on many pages you can find in the internet. Only an experienced engineer with the right equipment can prove this, but I can't afford to engage a technician from the USA. The cost would exceed the value of my house.

I sued my neighbour three times and made a dozen complaints to the local prosecutor - in Italian “Procuratore della Repubblica”. They didn't believe me and abandoned investigations, although two women who lived in my house (one for over a year). I wasted a lot of money on lawyers. They say that without a proof of what is happening to me, the prosecutor will not act. At this point, I am in a deadlock due to the fact that they don't accept the women who lived with me as witnesses of the torture I am suffering. On the other side, I can't technically prove the torture. At the beginning of this story, I deceived myself; I had never heard of the LRAD and I thought that two devices were used against me, a special loudspeaker and a soft gun used by my enemy to hit the walls of my house with ice bullets, because the major sounds were shots and explosions. Only a year afterwards I realized that everything I heard was produced by the same device - the Long Range Acoustic Device. And I started to hear, or better to feel more painful infrasounds. I can't get rid of this incredible covert harassment.

I will be grateful to anyone who can help me.


Paolo Samogin

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Paolo Samogin