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In this war two unknown organizations are fighting against each other since several decades. Because there are two organisations there are some rules concerning the use of the Mind Control and Body Control Weapons and the New-Physics-Weapons. The long-term timescale causes rules for the gangstalking because the offenders didn't want to get detected for a very long time.

It is possible to fight against the bad organization or get in contact to other TIs, but just to protect and help, not to satisfy one’s desire of revenge or to get money.

Supposed Mind Control Infrastructure

Since a few months I get more and more protected and the helpful voices in my brain said that it will work the same way for everybody. The good organisation has stored a lot of proofs about this war, but they are not allowed to show it until they get an official order. That means many unknown TIs have to go to the police worldwide or one famous TI has to go there. The order must be given according to the police’s hierarchy.


Proofs about emails to organise gangstalking are probably stored by the NSA.


The bad organization is always in the background and in the peoples’ mind and so responsibilities for bad things in the world caused by this bad organization has been given to innocents.


How to get protection/rescue


To get protected, you have to know, which phases there are and how to behave in these phases:


1. Pre-phase: lots of stress, trouble, illnesses for you, your family and your friends, but you still not recognize that something is wrong


2. Active phase: Very bad Mind Control and Gangstalking. In this phase you must learn to control all your feelings like fear, sadness, anger. You should be as careful as in “real life”. There is no additional danger, but changed reality and pain to get problems because you make mistakes.

You also should refuse compliments or corruption. For each problem you must find a corrective which may work in your opinion. You also should talk about what’s happening to colleagues or your boss at work and at home to your family and good friends.

To overcome the bad feelings it may be helpful to practice meditation or yoga or to pray. If you just use religion or meditation in phase 2 it will help perfectly, but it will not protect you when you start fighting against the bad organization. Just trusting in religion is a trap, but o.k. for weak persons.


3. Protection/Rescue phase:

In the third and probably the last phase you have to organize your private life (especially things you had fear about) and you should give useful information to other victims or official persons. It is also necessary to have an own homepage in the internet with lots of information about what happened to you. Public is a protection. If you start fighting before creating an own homepage with some little descriptions what happened to you, you will get severe trouble, because you get pain one level more than actual. It is easier to fight if you had already got some reliefs. There is no chance to negotiate this. You must find the “line through the deviations” by acting reasonably. As soon as you start doubting, you get trouble. Please find a way without having any doubts. You have to trust in help - don't care how silly this may sounds. Just do good and reasonable things.

Details about this protection/rescue phase you can also find on a French homepage:



The more you get protected the more the people around you get friendly and helpful. You get senseful information, hints and help. Mind Control becomes reduced, but sometimes there are short-time shocks.

But you also get Gangstalker outings. TIs have been surrounded with offenders during lots of years before they noticed that somethings is wrong. The bad persons outing themselves I have never really liked before. The good ones showed me, that they don't want to gangstalk me, but have to. I feel angry, but also sorry for them.

If you have started fighting in public, there is no way back.

It is difficult to trust somebody but it is absolutely neccessary to solve these problems together with other people. Characteristics of persons which can help to detect these crimes:

·        * plausible acting when protecting weaker persons

·         * comprehensible, aim-oriented, logic consistent behavior

·         * being able to discuss until a senseful decision is made (without fear and without anger)

* They are surprised and sceptical, but they don't deny the existence of Mind Control and start looking for proofs in their own life.

* TIs have an own homepage with good information - you get asked for it by the protecting organisation. If not, please look here:

First Aid

First aid if you are a TI (= Targeted Individual):

Create an own homepage (one page is sufficient), which includes the phrase TI (= Targeted Individual). And post your experiences every two weeks. Without telling real names of other people - then you cannot be blamed for defamation.

Protecting 4

Assumptions about organisation protecting me:

It is an international cooperation.

1. In England in a building from the bird’s eye view looking like the Pentagon, in cooperation with 4 secret societies.

2. In the U.S. in Chicago , in cooperation with 4 secret societies.

3. In Russia an emergency team prepared by Putin, which wasn’t able to help him anymore.

4. In Germany a special unit of Bundesnachrichtendienst near an airport.

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