List of Patents

Grouped by:

  • Sounds
  • Vision
  • Emotions/Feelings/Nervous system
  • “Basic body functions” - Examples
  • Telepathy/Thought transmission
  • Brain waves / Behavior influence/ influence on subconscious mind (dt.: Unterbewußtsein)
  • Implants
  • Surveillance/Identification

Secret services could have used them at least 15-20 years ago!!!

Patents end after 20 years, after that they can be used by everybody with enough knowledge.

There are much more patents in the internet.


US 4034741 - Noise generator and transmitter
(Registered: July 12, 1976)

US 4858612 A - Hearing device
(Registered: December 19th, 1983) – no patent anymore

US 6470214 B1 - Method and device for implementing the radio frequency hearing effect
(Registered: December 13th, 1996) - no patent anymore

US 6587729 B2 - Apparatus for audibly communicating speech using the radio frequency hearing effect
(Priority date: December 13th, 1996) - no patent anymore


US 3060795 - Apparatus for producing visual stimulation
(Registered: May 7th, 1958)

US 8792673 B2 - Modifying restricted images
(Registered: August 5th, 2011)

Emotions/Feelings/Nervous system:

US 3393279 A - Nervous system excitation device
(Registered: March 13th, 1962)

US 3837331 A - System and method for control the nervous system of a living organism
(Registered: October 24th, 1972)

US 6219657 B1 – Device and method for creation of emotions
(Registered: March 13th, 1998)

“Basic body functions” - Examples:

US 4573449 A - Method for stimulating the falling asleep and/or relaxing behavior of a person and an arrangement therefor
(Registered: March 8th, 1983)

US 6100286 – Methods and Formulations for Modulating the Human Sexual Response
(Priority date: April 28th, 1995)

Telepathy/Thought transmission:

US 8350804 B1 - Thought controlled system       (=  Controlling a computer with your brain)
(Registered: April 9th, 1997)

US 6011991 – Communication system and method including brain wave analysis and/or use of brain activity
(Registered: December 7th, 1998)

DE 10253433 A1 - Thought transmission unit sends modulated electromagnetic wave beams to human receiver to influence thoughts and actions without electronic receiver
(Registered: November 11th, 2002)

WO 2005055579 A1 - System for producing artificial telepathy
(Registered: January 6th, 2004)

Brain waves / Behavior influence/ influence on subconscious mind (dt.: Unterbewußtsein)

US 3951134 A - Apparatus and method for remotely monitoring and altering brain waves
(Registered: August 5th, 1974)

US 4395600 A - Auditory subliminal message system and method
(Registered: November 26th, 1980)

US 4717343 A - Method of changing a person’s behavior
(Registered: Juni 30th, 1986)
– no patent anymore

US 5213562 A - Method of inducing mental, emotional and physical states of consciousness, including specific mental activity, in human beings
(Registered: April 25, 1990)

US 5774088 A - Method and System for warning birds of hazards
(Registered: May 8th, 1997)

US 6039688 A – Therapeutic behavior modification program, compliance monitoring and feedback system
(Registered: October, 31st, 1997)

US 20030171688 A1 – Mind Controller                    (Please ignore the name!!!)
(Registered: July 19th, 2002)

US 7648366 B1 - Subliminal or near-subliminal conditioning using diffuse visual stimuli
(Registered: January 5th, 2005)

DE 102012009060 A1 - Method for influencing subconscious mind through audio suggestion for changing acquired behavior of user, involves inputting information tailored to changing behavior in acoustic device, and converting information into acoustic information
(Registered: May 9th, 2012)


US 7027874 B1 - Body electronic implant and artificial vision system thereof
(Registered: November 16th, 2000) - no patent anymore

EP 1614443 A1 - Brain Implant device
(Registered: July, 5th, 2005)

US 20100076536 A1 - Implantable multi-electrode device
(Registered: September 18, 2007)

US 8862235 B1 - Brain Implant device
(Registered: November 9th, 2007)

EP 2495011 A1 - Electrode system for deep brain stimulation
(Registered: February 25th, 2008)

US 8115618 B2 – RFID antenna for in-body device
(Registered: May 23, 2008)

US 20100171596 A1 - In vivo rfid chip
(Registered: December 31st, 2009)

US 20130345525 A1 - Bio-chips and nano-biochips
(Registered: June, 25th, 2012)


US 4730188 A - Identification system
(Registered: December 30th, 1985)

US 5507291 A - Method and an associated apparatus for remotely determining information as to person’s emotional state
(Registered: April 5th, 1994)

US 20020165758 A1; US 7076441 B2 - Identification and Tracking of persons using RFID-tagged-items in store environments
(Registered: May 3rd, 2001; May 3rd, 2003)

US 7102508 B2 - Method and apparatus for locating and tracking persons                 (with implants)
(Registered: August 29th, 2003)