Individual goals of offenders

For TI victims: Eliminating competitors by massive reduced "live results", shorter lifetime, suicide; changing succession

For Gangstalker: Putting him/herself in jeopardy by enlarging unscrupulousness; massive reduced "live results", shorter lifetime

Global goals of offenders

Please guess.


* Causing negative feelings like envy, fear, disappointment, rage, guilty conscience

* Causing stress in general

* Time robbery (getting slowed by Mind Control, wrong information, additional work)

* Conditioning (connecting something with a special feeling which can be easily enlarged (e.g. fear driving a car); "Pavlov's dogs experiment")

* Destroying confidence ("Zersetzung")

* Humiliating by causing embarassing situations or causing destructions of property

* Disinformation about offenders

* Disinformation about everything

* Giving just half of the info although knowing more

* Agitating against others (by telling lies or exaggerating)

* Supporting sluttery (e.g. by telling "nobody cares about mistakes"; keys, money, documents can be easily stolen "nobody will steal here")

* Causing predetermined breaking point in health

* Reducing inhibition threshold (to provoke TI-errors)

* Brutalisation (by habituation, resignation)

* Reducing of social contacts

* Destroying / littering information ("paperless office")