TI / TO / TA / TE / TQ

TI = Targeted Individuals (special professions; many TIs are used to cause fear to TOs and show that NewWorldOrder had influence on their whole life: first names of royal families or biblical persons, last names of politicians or actors or athletes or classmates or pretending-to-be-votary of TOs; some TIs look like people of the TOs life)

TO = Original Target (famous and/or important and/or rich persons and their children) I was told by the V2K-Perps that I am an OT = Original Target (like e.g. Robert Kennedy). I don't know why.

TA = Altes (old) Target (people who should retire more early and die sooner; mosttimes if they have no tasks/duties anymore)

TE = Target in Expectance (will be TI, soon)
* little accidents
* electrical equipment get broken
* friends and relatives and colleagues have no time anymore or start teasing you
* illness
* very tired
* less concentration
* dislike embracing

TQ = Queenly Target (Queen Elisabeth II; I was told she was the first one who "tried it")

I hope to be a JI = Jubilee Individual, soon, because they have to stop all Mind Control and Gangstalking at a special point of my behaviour and results.

The V2K-Perps teased me by calling me a JT = Jubilee Target