Analysis of Citizenfour - Disinfo for Tis – Diversionary tactic for the public – 26.09.2015

This film shows a behaviour which prohibits to get good protection against Mind Control and Gangstalking.



My protectors called themselves “The 4 Brasilians”. The first advertisement about “Citizenfour” I watched in TV showed 4 whistleblowers who wanted to fight for our rights – Edward Joseph Snowden, William Binney, Jacob Appelbaum, Ladar Levison. I noticed that my protectors manipulated something around this film to give information to the public and me, but these four men are not “My 4 Brasilians”.

The contact between Laura Poitras  and Edward Snowden started in 2013.

A few years ago, perhaps in 2008, a young whistleblower who was working for a consulting company, which was working for the NSA, stole data and hided them on a very big computer. At that time I read in the newspaper, that this young whistleblower was shocked about what he has investigated as a system administrator and that he stored the proofs for it. His name was Edward Snowden. I liked the way he was thinking about fighting for justice. I was shocked when I saw his photo, because he was sad and had so much fear.     When they started to torture me with Mind Control, I thought I knew why.   

But something was wrong with his photo – I couldn’t say exactly what; I thought he was too young.      After my protectors showed me which optical changes this Mind Control technology can make, I knew what was wrong – you can hide the real feeling.

I was not able to go to the cinema to watch his film, but at that time I had already planned to buy it as DVD and analyze it.

The description of Edward Snowden in WIKIPEDIA (last revised: beginning of 2014) was very, very detailed. I thought that Edward Snowden himself had edited and permanently updated it with links to a huge number of newspaper articles about him.

Edward Snowden’s WIKIPEDIA description is much shorter now, starting in the year 2013.


My summary of “Citizenfour”  (I ignore program names and drone problems!)

Nothing about Mind Control was mentioned although lots of Tis are talking and writing about it.

All situations showing that Edward Snowden is obviously gangstalked he couldn’t assign in a correct way.  I am not sure if his way of misunderstanding is a ly or not-knowing the total scope of New World Order program.

Edward Snowden was showing lots of behavior which prohibit to get good protection against Mind Control and Gangstalking: Causing stress and fear for others in particular (Hide and Seek with reporters, encrypted information, directive advices or questions).

In the end Glenn Greenwald confronts Edward Snowden with a "new source" giving information about drone controlling via Ramstein (American airbase in Germany). Edward Snowden showed simulated amazement. Why? When I saw the DVD for the first time, I thought Glenn Greenwald was talking about V2K and the "New-World-Order"-concept.

The only outing of "New-World-Order"-concept is in the "Extras"-section of the German DVD: The way how CIA recruits important people is the way the "New-World-Order" does.

In my opinion:

+ Edward Snowden's trap (error in reasoning) was that he came out with program names and didn’t confirm the existence of technology which is already described in the internet.

+ Laura Poitras (error in reasoning) trap was to give responsibility for information delivery to her staff.

+ The only main person of this film who could get good protection without changing his behavior is Glenn Greenwald.


Detailed Analysis of "Citizenfour"

0:00:20     Laura writes about being on a secret watchlist since 2006.

0:01:51    Email signed with “citizenfour”


December 2012

0:03:46           causing fear that emails must be encrypted otherwise contact will be lost -> encryption is necessary for business emails; when the “New-World-Order-Project” is closed and published, than this is also O.K. for TIs; at the moment proofs for gangstalking cannot be read when the emails are encrypted; good encryption keys are just known by two persons, which makes communication very difficult; one enemy-strategy against Tis is social separation (it is still a difficult topic to talk about; the strongest telephone connection problems I got during my protection phase was when I started a TI-contact via encrypted email; I always thought that my email account is an advertisement for me)


Hope conference, William Binney:

0:06:37      Telling that he was the only person in NSA writing programs for internet data analysis before 11.09.2001 -> Why “the only”?

0:07:00      Touching his glasses like two persons I know (one of them was teasing me with it)

0:08:00       Moving his fingers like a person I know

0:09:36       “We are building the greatest weapon for  depression in history of man” -> Causing fear; Double speaking?


0:10:50     Shows Mr. Johnson under Mind Control

0:14:37     Judge Harry Pregerson attends in court via video screen, asking “Do you want us to step aside?”


0:15:30      I am not able to talk about Jacob Appelbaum in an impartial way


0:19:24      Instructions to meet Edward Snowden -> causes fear and is not necessary for TIs


Hong Kong, Monday 3.6.2013, Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald

0:22:15     Edward Snowden laughing ruthlessly when Glenn Greenwald had problems with his pencil (has broken)

0:25:30     Edward Snowden is joking about people who say in discussions “they’re on a list” -> Laura Poitras does in the beginning of this film; TIs do)

0:26:00      Edward Snowden: “I am more willing to risk imprisonment or any other negative outcome than I am willing to risk decretainment (? German translation was: restriction) of my intellectual freedom or those of people around me” -> no talk about TIs


Hong Kong, Tuesday 4.6.2013, in addition: Ewen MacAskill (nice family name!)

0:27:40      Edward Snowden says “data collection is possible without targeting” -> he is familiar with this phrase and confirms indirectly that a list exists (within the NSA “targeting” means “not just store, but to look at data”, William Binney told at last year’s Covert Harassment conference in Brussels)

0:28:38      Edward Snowden is speaking about a program which can find a word spoken within real time in a database and trigger a message -> this is necessary if voice-to-skull (V2K) is done with a computer program, not with real human beings

0:29:50       Edward Snowden claims “I don’t talk with family to protect them.” -> when I started talking with my family after a while they came out as gangstalkers (the only one I saw as a victim temporarily was my sister; I saw her in very big fear in 2009 – that was years before my strong harassment started) -> it prohibits that Tis can relate family members to the enemy organisation

0:31:58      Edward Snowden: “even if I would be tortured I couldn’t tell my password” -> never tortured, but he knows WHAT could happen; this causes fear -> “New-World-Order” can watch TIs passwords through our eyes -> although I never got trouble with my password for more than one day (they made me forget some elements, even in the difficult ones)

0:33:10      speaking about Great Britain’s TEMPORA as the most invasive system which can be store everything -> I am sure it is not Tis enemy; one more diversionary tactic

Hong Kong, Wednesday 5.6.2013

0:34:00       interruption (when common in live: evidence of being gangstalked): telephone call with question about meal’s quality (could also cause fear of getting poisoned)

0:34:37       causing fear about VOiP (real dangerous enemies would use little hidden bugging devices or Mind Control) -> Tis loose their social contacts if they shut down their telephone connection

0:35:40       Edward Snowden asks in a very controlling way “Did you know that your card was still in the computer…?” -> causing stress

0:36:00       causing fear about visual surveillance when password typing

0:37:01       causing fear with password choice

0:37:50       interruption (when common in live: evidence of being gangstalked): fire alarm several times (Edward Snowden was not common with that concept)

0:41:03      Edward Snowden told about a secret document: “Laura found this interesting.” (Laura Poitras disagreed in public in the interview in New York (on the DVD in the Extras-section Part ?)

0:41:35     Glenn Greenwald asked “How many big computers?” Edward Snowden answered “20 sites”; this maybe just half of information because one site may have several computers


Hong Kong, Thursday 6.6.2013

0:44:28   Edward Snowden shows his artery in a very provoking manner and mood

0:49:29   Glenn Greenwald: “The more we go to the public, the more protected we are.” -> Indeed! good advice for Tis – my personal experience!!!


0:51:30  TV reporter saying that William Binney had quit his job at NSA angrily in 2001 -> sounds like Mind Control supported reaction

Hong Kong, Friday 7.6.2013

0:54:12      Edward Snowden’s rent checks don’t go to the landlord anymore; construction trucks on the street -> both may be evidences of being gangstalked

0:55:51      Edward Snowden says “planning is easier if you don’t know what comes in the next days; you just have to act and act…” -> this is not good for Tis, because I got protection for organizing long-term plans; my protectors want to show that they are able to protect me and others long-term living a “common life” (deutsch: ein normales Leben führen); my protectors support people you can rely on

0:56:50       Edward Snoden gives internal GCHQ wikipedia to reporters. Content: projects of GCHQ -> My opinion: trap for Edward Snowden and time robbery for reporters; UK instead of US documents, because UK can record more data.

1:00:00     Glenn Greenwald asks “do we deliver proofs for a court?”  -> this is one of several reporter thinking problems (perhaps only, if they are lawyers, too); if there is a crime, it must be investigated, otherwise don’t make an interview, please.

1:05:00      Edward Snowden is talking about internal security levels of NSA employees -> that is not necessary to save the public


Hong Kong, Monday 10.6.2013

1:13:45      Robert Tibbo (UNHCR) talks about “many exits you can choose in the building” -> not necessary for TIs

1:14:00      Edward Snowden wanted to carry all his equipment with him to be free in decision where he goes after -> not necessary for TIs

1:14:24      Human Rights Lawyer Jonathan Man asks at the UNHCR about “place with no police” -> not necessary for Tis

1:14:36      hysterical clearing the throat (not by Jonathan Man) -> typical sign of gangstalkers around me (although I sometimes clear my throat, too)

1:15:18       Jonathan Man: “if we torture blaming” -> this sounded hypothetical and implicates lying when talking about torture


Email between Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras

1:17:37        Edward Snowden: “No filming possible, because my hosts are very vulnerable people; I can’t really speak out loud here.” -> gangstalking sign


Email between Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald

1:19:52          Both have fear that there is a strong chance to be served with subpoena when going to the US -> Mind Control error in reasoning supported by hearing bad stories (they went to US later successfully)


Berlin – lawyers meeting

1:27:09          Edward Snowden accused under “Espionage act”, which means, he is accused of working for a Foreign Power -> for New-World-Order ???


1:30:45          Obama speaks about “The American people preferences would be…”  -> this is giving responsibility to someone else; Obama has problems to find the correct phrases; it would be better to say “within a state with a democratic constitution”.



1:32:11         Old woman who holds her left hand as manipulated with Mind Control         


1:33:00         Ladar Levison talking about his provider concept (password protecting strategy); unfortunately he decided to shut down -> not necessary when you act legally

1:35:00        I am not able to talk about Jacob Appelbaum in an impartial way


Berlin – Der Spiegel

1:36:00     Mind Control controls reporter’s body: first hand moves behind head and scratches, then hand scratches chin


Email between Laura Poitras and Glenn Greenwald

1:36:37     Edward Snowden explains, that within CIA/NSA codenames are just used for assets, not for targets (like Angela Merkel). The German translation for “asset” was “Spion”, which means  “spy”. I was told I have 5 Codenames. I am not a spy. The German meaning of asset is “not removable inventory”. Does anybody know what asset means within CIA/NSA? Are there codenames for someone else?


Email between Laura Poitras and Edward Snowden

1:39:05     Laura: “There is a new submission. We need to set up a code name for working on this. We should be very careful. This is not a set-up.” German translation for the last sentence was “it may be a trap”. -> I was told by my V2K-perps that my harassment was a trap for New World Order.


William Binney with  Jeremy Scahill

1:39:50      William Binneys explanations cause fear to contact the press, because reporters mobiles are under surveillance -> There is one rule of “New-World-Order”: The enemy can just use, what was officially said to another person
but: William Binney suggests to “meet in a garage” -> this means neither an interview nor gangstalking could be recorded/prooved via phone


1:41:09      Contradiction giving information:

- Film showing Edward Snowden and his girlfriend (date: July 2014)

- Email (date: April 2013) signed with “citizen” -> I got the info via analysis and V2K you loose the “4” if you manage successfully a big cheat;



1:41:40        Glenn Greenwald meets Edward Snowden in Moskow. Glenn Greenwald talks about the new source to Edward Snowden in a very strict way. Some words he just writes on a paper. Edward Snowden’s reaction is simulated amazement.

Just my interpretation of what Glenn Greenwald wrote (because I am angry that Edward Snowden didn’t speak about Mind Control although he seems to know it):

+ One graphic showed 3 steps to the President of the United States -> I was told last year that there is a multi-step-V2K-perp-hierarchie using V2K and Mind Control on TIs

+ ALL -> I was told that all world citizen are under Mind Control

+ RAMSTEIN: Glenn Greenwald said, all drones are controlled via Ramstein (American airbase in Germany). -> What is the problem with that? Later I was told by V2K that RAMSTEIN means “Ruth AM STEINring” (which is part of my address). I live next to an airport. In Ramstein there were two flight accidents: 28.8.88 and 29.8.90.

+ 1,2 Millions on watchlist -> TO’s genes family? (TO = Target Original) Or the next diversionary tactic for public? Edward Snowden didn’t contradict to the word “watchlist” although he did in the beginning of the film

+ I like to have colored memos – in particular for my Rapunzel-story. One of my gangstalkers asked me approx. in July 2014 to rupture them all. But I am sure this was not the reason for Glenn Greenwald doing it.

+ W -> describes a person in my Rapunzel-story about my harassment; I think this was a hazard


Extras-Section of the DVD


Unpublished scenes: Hong Kong Day 1 - Inside the CIA

What he describes is the same concept how “New-World-Order” recruits Tis as perps. -> With that concept you get the weak ones.


Unpublished scenes: 3 weeks after Hong Kong

I know now why Wikipedia said Glen Greenwald was bored in court: Glenn Greenwald is shouting about “M…..F…ing” companies. German translation was Mega-companies -> very impartial. And yes, Mega-companies are part of “New-World-Order” in my opinion. But perhaps not at the highest level.


Q&A Laura Poitras

She was completely under Mind Control. Her total behavior shows that. It is not “being nervous”. But she doesn’t practice V2K.

0:09:24    Laura said she decided not to look in the data files of Edward Snowden.

0:23:15    Laura had to download data at different times -> not necessary for TIs

0:24:59    Glenn Greenwald wrote article about Laura’s problems -> these problems disappeared; also good concept for TIs

0:25:45    Laura said they had material for two films and decided to follow the narrative form in the cut-room, cutterin explained it in detail -> Laura Poitras gives responsibility to reduce the information content of her story to her staff, which might be the trap for her. I just got my protection because I was able to talk about everything what happened with me and everything I learned about Mind Control technology, Gangstalking and New-World-Order concepts.

0:25:45 Woman from audience asks why drones cause so many civilian victims: disinterest of government or limits of technique? -> During my harassment “New-World-Order” showed me that they can control all my technical equipment (e.g. turning on/off).