The Queen and I – random hazards around her visit in Germany 2015 (written with some names of my Rapunzel story; please excuse my English) – guess how expensive these hazards were

End of May 2015 I read in the newspaper that Queen Elisabeth II had visited Germany and got back by flight from Celle military airport which is just one hour from my house. I got a little sad, because I always admired her discipline and knowledge. I would have liked to see her there. Several days later I read in the newspaper that she will come there in June (I guess the bad information before was a test for me to recognize that I really would like to go to Celle – I don’t like to drive a car and I am very busy with my house and garden at the moment).

It was Queen Elisabeth’s  wish to go to Bergen-Belsen. The date for this was 26th of June. Near my office there is a license plate on a car which shows BB and some numbers you can arrange to 26. I always knew it has no relation to Boris Becker but that this plate would get important – now I know why.

I asked my V2K-perps for a way to see her to find out if she knows me. – I guessed (and I was told) that she knows me (and that my protectors have an office in the U.K.). A few days later the newspaper wrote that 600 internet tickets were available to say good bye to the Queen – the reservation started on Monday 12:00 o’clock. I logged in 1 minute before 12:00 and got a ticket. I was told in the confirmation that the BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) will check my personal data. This was one of the reasons why I should go to Celle: The BKA was forced to check me.


When the Queen arrived in Germany on Tuesday 23.06.2015 she wore a dress in dark blue and a hat in turquoise– like the towels of my sons and the “Kölln Haferflocken”-package in my kitchen.

I told the V2K-perps that this is not a good hint that she really knows me – I guessed (and I was told) that she knows me (and that my protectors have an office in the U.K.). On 25.06.2015 in Frankfurt she wore a dress in dark blue and turquoise. On her hat were three feathers of a peacock – I really like these kind of feathers and some years ago I did some pottery for my wall to present some of them.,hallonds27750.html

I started to cry when I saw her hat. The whole week the Mind Control made me cry when I thought about my visit in Celle on Friday.


On 24.06.2015 Queen Elisabeth visited TU Berlin. I saw pictures with her and humanoid robots. I was a fan of such robots until I noticed how the V2K-perps can manipulate us.  In the film she wasn’t really pleased about that robot and her laugh was polite, not amused:

In the evening at the “Staatsbankett” she wore a white dress – I wore one in the beginning of my harassment. I bought this dress a few weeks after I left my husband. White was the only color they offered. Usually there is no way for me to wear such a dress. I decided to wear it at a tea-party just for myself.

I watched a film in the internet where I recognized the Queen being gangstalked by a member of the organizational team in Berlin. Then I decided to try to tell her in Celle that there is protection against Mind Control. This was the reason why I decided to wear my lilac jacket I wore at the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels last year. But I felt something was wrong with that. Then I thought about wearing my pink jacket. It is much warmer. I asked for a weather support to be able to make that decision.

I also read that every date of the Queen was “5 minutes past” (I was born on a 5th).


On Friday 26.06.2015 it was comparably cold in the morning. So I decided for the pink jacket. In the radio news they told that the Queen also lands in Celle – so I rearranged my plans – it wasn’t told in my official registration documents. It was difficult for me to reach the airport but I had support from the Mind Control to make the right decision on my way. I was not able to see Queen Elisabeth when she left the plane and got into her car. There were many, many cars. At first, people were guessing about the color of her dress. A woman said “yellow”. Afterwards in the internet I saw that she wore a light yellow dress in the morning in Berlin – I wore light yellow clothes at the European Researchers Day in September 2014 to symbolize the sunshine-project, which tried to stop biological weapons. Next, people were guessing about the car she was sitting in. I was sure it wasn’t one of the black limousines but the dark blue SUV (I also have one of another company). I felt her staff’s fear and got very sad. When I sat down later two men passed me – one showing that everything is O.K., the other man in uniform showing that his life is very bad.

Some days before I recognized by emotion that it would be important to eat and drink something of the “official food and drink” at the airport, which was no problem for me although they changed the staff after I bought a Cola. I saw a man looking like the “oddlander” and two persons looking like people from his website – the African man was looking friendly, the Asian lady was looking very, very angry.

When I went to the toilet, I noticed that they caused “wasting lots of time by waiting” there. I lost patience and changed the toilet room. There the Mind Control made me very slow. When I left the toilet all people had taken their seats on the grandstand. It was O.K., because otherwise I would have been protected from being late.

An official Lady showed me a place in the last row. I went there. The oddlander-look-alike was there with a big camera. At the parking place before I heard a female soldier telling some people that cameras of a size like that are not allowed for private persons, just for press. The oddlander-look-alike wasn’t happy to see me. He was a native English speaker with blue eyes and a wedding ring where I could read the word “MAGNUS”. These were three pieces of information not fitting to my knowledge of the oddlander.

I wasn’t really happy about the place where I stood, but the V2K-perps showed me that I could be seen at this place when Queen Elisabeth goes up the stairways and turns around to wave to us before she enters the plane. So I decided to stay there.

When Queen Elisabeth II arrived I saw her and her husband in a very good mood – as if they were expecting something good. Some people threw flowers (in the internet I saw afterwards, that this flowers were surrounded with pink paper). She also got a yellow rose –I have one in my office. The Queen wore a dark grey dress and somebody was carrying a blue blanket – both colors were always used by the V2K-perps to symbolize the “Froschkönig” in my Rapunzel-story. She was about 20 minutes late. The oddlander-look-alike next to me said “unpunctual as ever” – which is not true. But the newspapers told afterwards that she had lots of trouble with her timescale at the moment – which is typical for getting gangstalked.

Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip were waving to the audience. I decided to step on the crossbar of the grandstand behind me to be more visible and to show a victory-sign with my fingers. If she knows me she will recognize that I feel grateful and a protected now. If she doesn’t know me she will judge it as a victory for England against the Nazis freeing Bergen-Belsen. The oddlander-look-alike sat on the ridgepole to get a better picture. The Mind Control stopped me from starting to talk with the oddlander-look-alike. Suddenly he lost his glasses. I picked them up and gave them to his friends.

Passing the audience the Queen’s head was directed just to view the first one or two rows of the people. But Prince Philip saw me waving the victory sign to her. He recognized me with a face like “Ah – there she is” and he was waving very strong. But I noticed that my optical perception was changed. What I recognized afterwards was that the Lady next to him, Prof. Rosemarie Kerkow-Weil was very embarrassed about me. She looked angry and embarrassed at me two times. Prince Philip looked very normal afterwards without any additional emotion.

I was shocked by Prince Philips behavior, because he reminded me on a gangstalker in 2012. My ex-husband outed himself as a gangstalker which caused lots of trouble for me during our relationship (embarrassing situations, silly mistakes causing psychological stress). I decided to change my behavior: I pressed my hand to my mouth and looked very upset.

When the Queen went up the stairways she really turned around at the end and waved to us. They made her looking at me. At that moment she turned around rapidly and entered the plane. Again I noticed a change of my optical perception. When I had to describe her feeling, I would call her “defiant”.,queen1082.html

In my Rapunzel story I assumed that she knows the Mind Control technology. I read an article in a newspaper many years ago. Lady Di was describing her royal training there. She told that she had to sat on a chair without scratching, which was horrible – but usually this task is not a problem. During my harassment the V2k-perps did the same with me and the support of Mind Control, which itched horribly.

Before the plane started, a woman was waving at the last window. I wasn’t sure if that was Queen Elisabeth. I saw somebody behind the third window. I decided to wave a little and wish that she comes back. I wanted to show, that I am not angry about her. When the plane started to move I really recognized her behind the third window. I told this to the oddlander-look-alike. He answered: “I know.”.


Back home in the internet video, the Queen looked very serious when she left the car. Prince Philip was shown waving in my direction in a normal way and the Queen moved more slowly when she turned to enter the plane. Just the Lady next to Prince Philip look embarrassed.

I found only one picture which showed me and the oddlander-look-alike very small (Foto: queen-in-celle-101):

On the facebook webside of the British Embassy the oddlander-look-alike was cut off the foto and I was very small and without my glasses – I think they used my facebook foto to replace me there:


During the week which followed the visit I found one additional dress – to understand my reaction you have to know the following story: Several years ago I watched a film about the intelligence of Bonobo-apes. They can learn signs for different word and they have humor: When the scientist entered the apes room, she asked for the color of her dress. The ape said “red”. She answered “white”. The ape showed her a little fibre on her dress which was red. I had to remember this film several times in the last weeks.

At the garden party on 25-06-2015 Queen Elisabeth wore a white dress with red fibres on it. I cried, when I saw that.

It was her third white dress during that week – I don’t know why. When she wore the first one I thought it was to support me.

In the last weeks I also had to think about the film “Wenn die Gondeln Trauer tragen” ("Don’t look now"). The mad murder in that horrorfilm is a little woman wearing a red coat. I saw that film when I still went to school. I didn’t like it and somebody teased me by telling me “It was you in the red coat, because you are that small”. At the garden party Prince Philip spoke with Daniela Schadt about gardening (which a really like). She wore a red dress looking like my memories of the film – that was teasing me not her.


My result of “The Queen and I”: She has experiences with getting gangstalked. I still like her. She had no reason to handle her family like the Mind Control did, e.g. causing alcohol problems for her sister Margareth.

But if she is also TI (respectively TO like the Kennedys) and doesn’t protect me, who does? Dodi Al Fayed’s father?

On this website you can see a picture, which may symbolize that Queen Elisabeth is also set to “4”, which means lifelong harassment, because you damage a Bad Organization: