TI Websites

During the last weeks I had contact to some of the TIs und read several reports in the Internet.

In parallel some of my problems have been solved, attacks decreased and I got help when new problems occur.


When I compared the stories of the other TIs with my sister’s (TI since 2005) and my story, our different behavior and the corresponding results, I got the following picture:


·         victims with much fear doing nothing and waiting for help

·         victims with less fear but no results when trying to solve these problems (naivety, strong concentration problems, many problems in their live)

·         victims which encumber themselves, e.g. getting angry easily or ignore logic which doesn’t fit to their view of the world or isolate themselves

·         offenders who like to evoke confusion or fear

·         offendervictims who tell lies because they have fear

·         offenders who don’t belong to the enemy organization, but are provoked by that technique or their thinking is disordered or controlled


Regarding influence on the victims there are the following groups:

·         less direct victims, who are victims for a very long time with individual reasons (early 1970 years); whole private and business life in hardly stressed (indirect victims)

·         less direct victims, who are victims for some time with individual reasons (end of 1990 years); whole private and business life in hardly stressed (indirect victims)

·         “general” victims in an large number

My first impression of direct victims was always very good, because they had an similar way of talking and a charisma of “same wavelength”. I trusted them immediately. This was caused optically by some of the offenders. I saw the main offender several days ago with his true face/charisma and I never would have trusted him if I would habe seen him in that way before.



This is a longtime project („war without weapons“). Therefore it has rules protecting the offenders and the project of being detected. Furthermore there is an organization which helps and causes also rules:



·         offenders from the enemy organization do nothing detectable; mosttimes they use catchwords from the victims life without any context and within fearful situations; this happens when you the victim is alone with the offender because that is not detectable and in my case it happened also some time before the massive attacks occure

·         offenders show contradictable behavior: sometimes helpful, sometimes threatening; corresponding to the aim this technique changes their appearance

·         offenders have their own value system: a combination of logic intelligence and empathie/social intelligence is juged as hostile

·         if you find a corrective for a problem then it helps, but you also get a new problem in the beginning

·         if you support in a continuous way the detection of these crimes with senceful actions (in my case: construction of an internet page with a description, talking to family and collegues about this crime, making contact with other Tis, talk with a former soldier about this conference) a protection is built taking time several months.


How do you recognize offenders or offendervictims?

·         They tell things which contradict the rules or cause financial problems

·         They have contradictions in their stories

·         They inhibit the detection of the crimes with different behavior (“influencing victim to be ignorant”, timethieves by looking at absurd ideas or showing a unmanageable mass of information, causing bureaucracy failure

·         With exaggeration of crimes which would be detectable fear is caused; if there are massiv crimes then they are caused bei controlled offenders not by offenders of the organization – there may by exceptions when the victims are  judged helpless by the offenders

·         True information and lies are mixed to destroy reliability

·         People are agitated against each other (offenders agitate also against other offenders to make fear or destroy confidence

·         Offenders psychology

o   Unscrupulous psychopaths cause fear

o   Unscrupulous narcists take in a nice way but act badly (e.g. boycott)

These people should have neither formal nor informal influence on decisions.