Mind Control - to cope with

First: You must absolutely refuse to do anything bad.

Second: If your partner or your parents or your eldest son belong to the enemy, it is more difficult.

All feelings can be evoked by mind control, especially if you are in disposition for that emotion at that time. The following behaviors help:

·         Negative feelings, especially fear, anger: ignore (don’t show a point of attack); stand for a while; search for a solution

·         Tiredness: sleep 20-30 minutes during the day (with an alarm clock)

·         Depressions: eat something which includes sugar, sleep shortly, think about something else, make a realistic plan what you like to do in the next 5-10 years

·         To be made fall in love: become slowly acquainted with the person keeping distance. True love is okay and you can be protected by the good organization

·         Bad pictures: replace immediately by something similar but positive

·         Displeasing feelings at the genitals: press strongly, e.g. with a bandage

·         Feelings of fear at the bottom: sit down

·         Desire of sex only: ignore; they will stop, interrupt or make pain, if you haven't enough protection (even if your partner belongs to the enemy)

·         If you get „stopped/frozen“, knocking helps (if you have a partner, please tell him/her)


How to cope with the voices

Many voices are just computer programs - In 1966 Joseph Weizenbaum invented such a program called Eliza - imagine the development until today.

To cope with the voices (mosttimes they are lying) you can try the following:

·         The „Braintalking“ just goes in one direction at the same time. So if you “braintalk” (for example also silly sillables or repeating the same words), you interrupt the voices just like a shredder. If they do this "shredder" with your brain you have to wait until it stops.

·         If you concentrate your view on the endlessness you can escape from the voices for some minutes, especially when they try to make you scary

·         There are some noises which reduce the voices: pouring water, refrigerators, hair dryers

Driving a car it helps to sing.