Gangstalking - to cope with

In most cases it will help to ignore. There are just very few true offenders. In most cases innocent bystanders will be optically changed to get fear. In my case there was no touching. Please look for witnesses. Sometimes it is sufficient just to think about solutions, because they know then that you can cope with the situation.

Depending on the situation the following things may help you:

Ignore and react in a common way:

In most cases it is helpful to ignore the hints for getting ill, loosing power, having dead relatives or handicapped children. It could have happened in the time before. Also dead animals or getting irritated with waving or winking or picking in one’s nose should be ignored.

Smells can be created artificially „just in your nose“. They played with me “guess what that smell is”. They can create every smell, also mixtures of different smells. If you ignore it, it will disappear.

I would not recommend to take fotos of “suspicious” people which may be innocent. That makes you look like mad, but it helps, to take a camera with you to make you feel better.

With their technology the offenders can make a lot of mess or damage in your home without entering it, e.g. things of light weight in a mess, scatches or holes in paper or clothes. In this case it just helps to have no fear and hang on.

Eliminate problems:

Lots of problems were caused in the following way: On the one day the problem is hided and on the next day you can see it, e.g. things you are looking for, a color spot on the stairs, water on the floor. As soon as you notice it, you should eliminate the problem. If it would not have been hided you would have seen it before.

This technologies can open every lock, but they are just allowed to use this functionality if you have given the key to somebody you do not really trust or if you have left the key unattended. Then you have to change the lock. If you buy a new lock including a code card, nobody but a reliable shop assistant should see this code card. In my third attempt I bought a lock without a code card. Since that time things just have been brought back in my flat. Unfortunately there are just some things missing.

Finding solutions:

If you be scared of a special situation, e.g. meeting a difficult person, you should consider how to react in reality in an acceptable way. In most cases it helped me to find a solution in my thoughts. If you are not able to find, your weekness will be utilized and this person will tease you (with or withour his/her own knowledge).

It many cases it helps if you say hello in a friendly mood. When I got new neighbours, the man seemed to be very angry about me. I talked friendly with his wife and was friendly every time I saw them. Now they are also friendly to me.

When I got hints to get raped I bought a whistle and put it around my neck to call for help with it. Immediately the spook was stopped. There were always empty threats as long as you don’t get careless.

Delineating from:

Speedy answers are the best help. Or you turn the situation around (I scared my colleagues, e.g. with illnesses when they tried to tease me; I didn’t like it, but it helped.)  I also refused private talks with some of my colleagues who told very bad/stupid stories to me you would not tell at an office.

You should delineate from very annoying situations (but you have to suppress your anger): When someone was pushing at a supermarket counter I told him to go back because I have to position my trolley where he stands at the moment. In another situation like that I looked very angry at this man when he was on the parking place and his wife saw that.

Breething in deeply and looking for the originate cause (otherwise you get panic permanently):

Some things were caused by my children. One day a found lots of things at another place. I arranged everything correctly and when I came to second last thing I found a notice written by my younger son “Mum, I preepart a payper chas”

Guarding against problems:

Housekeeping: Just put things on their place. Otherwise you forget where you have put them. Some things I found at silly places.

Technics: change broken technics , update virus scans permanently;  use safe shops if you buy things in the internet and make screenshots (<Alt> + <print>, then in a text file  <Strg>+ <V>)