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Questionnaire TI (Targeted Individual)

Sex: female / male
Public Service:  yes / no
Job-related contact to customers/people:  yes / no
Budget responsibility / control: yes / no / partial
Security company or similar: yes / no
Professional categories of familiy members:

Personality type 25-30 years before:

Personality type today:

Honorary or political function:

Phase 1 (since birth and before knowing to be a target):
Own health trouble / accidents / „predetermined breaking points“ in health:

Operations somewhere at the head (with year specification):

Personal property presumably destroyed during the last 15 years:

Financial loss:

Lost contacts during the last 15 years concerning family / friends (e.g. by removal, illnesses, temporary employment abroad)

Phase 2 (acute phase):
At which point in time did the acute phase start and how did it start?

At which point in time were telephone and internet connections disturbed?

From which functions did you resign during the acute phase?

Own bodily symptoms:

Own mental symptoms:

Examples for Mind Control (When did you act different from what you wished to do / from the past):

Destroyed objects / technical problems:

Examples for gangstalking:
At work:

At home:

In the public:

How many persons of your close surroundings may be offenders?
At work:

How many family members are also TI? Examples

Which justification did the offenders / voices tell you for being a TI?

Your assumptions / supplements:

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